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Arquideas Grant

The Arquideas Grant Competition 2103 -Fundacio Enric Miralles

The latest addition to the competitions developed by Arquideas over the last few years is the second edition of the Arquideas Grant competition. The goal of this initiative is to promote and encourage continued training for students and young architects.

The Arquideas Grant competition will provide students and young architects who wish to continue their training the opportunity to receive practical experience in an internationally respected architecture studio for a period of three months.

Arquideas will publish the projects presented by participants on its web platform, showcasing their ideas to the general public and will also disseminate the most interesting proposals on specialized web sites and blogs, as well as social media networks.

The winner of the Arquideas Grant competition will receive a cash prize to enhance their training and the opportunity to gain practical experience in an internationally respected architecture studio.
To have a chance to win the Arquideas Grant competition prize, participants must anonymously carry out the proposed academic exercise, which will then be evaluated by the studio collaborating with each edition of the competition.

The winner will be selected anonymously, based only on the material provided to the Arquideas Grant competition.

Who can participate…
This competition is an open call aimed at individual students and young professionals working in architecture and design anywhere in the world.
Participants can only present one proposal.
This call is not open to any person who participated in the creation of the Arquideas Grant competition or who has dependent personal or professional ties to the organization.

Arquideas Grant 2013 competition
The current call for the Arquideas Grant competition includes the collaboration of the prestigious Miralles Tagliabue EMBT architecture studio ( and the Fundació Enric Miralles (
Benedetta Tagliabue is the director of the Miralles Tagliabue EMBT architecture studio and president of the Fundació Enric Miralles. She has taught classes at Columbia University, Harvard GSD and she runs summer workshops in the TEC de Monterray (Mexico) and the Venice School of Architecture (IUAV), in addition to tirelessly presenting conferences in prestigious architecture schools and institutions throughout the world, such as the RIBA, the AA and the Barlett School of London, the Berlage Institute of Amsterdam, the Universidad Central of Venezuela and the University of Zhejiang in China, among others.
She was a member of the jury for the Landscape, Architecture & Wine competition organized by Arquideas, and other international architecture competitions, as well as prestigious prizes, such as the 2012 Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts and the 2009 RIBA Stirling Prize.

How it works…
The current call for the Arquideas Grant competition seeks to recycle the pre-existing structures of an old development project located in southern Tenerife, transforming it into a thalassotherapy centre.
Construction of this massive housing development began in 2000, but it is currently inactive, incomplete and in a state of deterioration. To date, the constructed area is 4,941m2.
The proposal is to create a thalassotherapy physical health centre, using the pre-existing structures and keeping in mind its relationship with the surrounding area.
The challenge is to recover part or the whole of the existing modules, incorporating architectural quality to them and giving them a new use. The rest of pre-existing structures on the plot mey be used in the proposal or ignored.
Given the ecological diversity of the area and the social and cultural nature of the project, the composition of the landscape is a fundamental aspect that should be included in your project.
This competition provides participants the opportunity to question the typical housing development created during the real estate boom and reinvent its use, as well as to work on its immediate surroundings.
The project is located in the Municipality of Adeje, Tenerife, on a semi-rectangular 200 m x 150 m plot of land (27,232 m2), located on a sloping terrain with a drop of 15.5 m.

Program of Uses…
Since this is an ideas competition, the program of uses proposed here is only meant to orient the participants. To develop the thalassotherapy centre the following uses and areas are proposed as a reference:
- Restaurant and kitchen 400 m2 approx. (Kitchen, dining rooms, store room, refrigerated room, waste storage room, ingredient preparation area, restrooms, change rooms…)
- Administrative area 250 m2 approx. (Secretarial, accounting, management and administration offices, conference rooms, rest rooms…)
- Main area 400 m2 approx (Rest and reading areas, lounge, transit areas, activity rooms, rest rooms…)
- Multi-use area 800 m2 approx. (For conventions, expositions, yoga classes…)
- Thalassotherapy 1,000 m2 approx. (Changing rooms, rest rooms, rest areas, saltwater pool (flotation), jacuzzi, cold water basin, hydro-massage pool, hydro-massage showers, Finnish and Turkish saunas, massage rooms…)
- Technical areas 250 m2 approx. (Pump rooms, boiler rooms, store rooms…)
- Water tanks 800 m2 approx. (Fresh water and salt water tanks)

During the consultation period of the Arquideas Grant 2013 competition, questions that may come up may be sent to
Arquideas will reply to all inquiries made during the established period and will publish on the website those questions which may be relevant and may have a special interest for all participants to improve the understanding of the project.
The information provided for the competition by the partner architecture office is considered by them as the necessary and sufficient for the development of the exercise.
All the documentation necessary for the proper development of the competition can be downloaded from the website ( once the registration period has started and until the completion of that period.

Documents to be submitted
Each contestant will submit a single panel with din-A1 format in vertical disposition, where the ideas of the project take shape.
The panel will have at the upper right corner an identification code. Any proposal that does not have the visible ID code under the conditions described below shall be exempted from the selection process and will be annulled. The ID code must contain B13 followed by the registered ID number given when enrolled through the website. (Example: B13 0000)
The documentation included on the panel will be always focused on the better understanding of the proposal by the Jury. The panel should contain the following documentation:
- Representative plans and elevations – Characteristic section
- Perspectives or digital images
- Small explanatory report
The texts included in the poster must be written in English or Spanish.
All the information sent out of the single din A-1 poster will not be evaluated by the Jury. Two archives of the proposal must be submitted:
- A *.PDF file in a vertical DIN-A1 format (594×841 mm) with a recommended maximum size of about 5 Mb.
- A *.JPG version of the panel to be viewed in the website with a recommended maximum size of about 5 Mb (about 1500px wide recommended).
Proposals must be submitted via the website ( before the deadline shown on the schedule of these terms and conditions. The deadlines expire on the dates indicated, at 24:00 hrs. (GMT +0:00).

The Jury of this contest will consist of the following members,:
Benedetta Tagliabue -Head of Miralles Tagliabue EMBT
Arturo Mc Clean Emiliano Armani -Communications Manager at Miralles Tagliabue EMBT Coordinator at Fundació Enric Miralles

Criteria used to evaluate proposals
The jury will assess the following aspects of the proposals that are presented:
- The main concept of the plan
- How clearly the concept is expressed
- The quality of the architectural proposal
- Sustainability of the implementation model – Use of local materials and techniques
- Solutions provided for the proposed uses
- Solutions used to provide energy efficiency

The winner of this call of the Arquideas Grant 2013 competition will receive a cash prize of 4,200 euros, given to enhance the winner’s professional training, and the opportunity to gain practical experience in the Miralles Tagliabue EMBT architecture studio.
The Miralles Tagliabue EMBT architecture studio has committed to giving the winner access to its studio in Barcelona for three consecutive months of practical training at a date to be agreed upon by both parties.
The winner of the Arquideas Grant 2013 competition will have the final decision on whether or not to take advantage of the opportunity for practical training.
The cash prize for the Arquideas Grant 2013 competition will be paid to the winner in three monthly payments of equal value.
An Arquideas supporting document will be sent to the winner of the Arquideas Grant 2013 competition.
Taxes will be withheld on cash prizes in accordance with current regulations.

Early registration ( to October 11, 2013) 50 € registration fee
Registration (from October 12 to November 8, 2013) 75 € registration fee

Registration fee payment
Registration will be done through the website and by Pay-Pal or Bank transfer:
Pay-Pal account:
All of the proposals presented by participants will be part of a virtual exhibition on our web site, with a special focus on the winning proposal.
The prize winning proposal will be disseminated in specialized webs and blogs, and in social networks.

Property Rights
The intellectual property of the work presented to the competition will always belong to their authors.
All of the documentation presented in the competition will become part of the Arquideas archive, which reserves the right to promote and publish the presented proposals. Therefore, participation in the competition includes the concession of all rights of dissemination of the presented work to Arquideas Gestión de Concursos SL.
The material presented can be published in virtual galleries on the Arquideas web site, as well as on websites of collaborating publishing houses.
If necessary, Arquideas reserves the right to adapt the content of presented proposals to ensure their correct publication, without modifying the plans in any way.

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