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google sketchup
Wiley Pathways Introduction to Google SketchUp (Wiley Pathways) Aidan Chopra and Laura Town Paperback Buy this book in $ Buy this book in £

London Architecture and Design
Hardcover by daab
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G. V. Krishnan, James E. Taylor, Keith Harrell
OnWord Press; Book andCD-ROM edition
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Metric Handbook Planning & Design Data
David Adler (Editor)
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Archive 2012

Jan-June 2012

Argentina; New Contemporary Art Museum Architectural Competition Competition Registration: to 30th June 2012The aim of this International Competition is to design a New Contemporary Art Museum in the [... more]

Competition Archive 2011

Spain: Coworking Building (COB) Madrid 2011 academic competition. Registration open: to December 16th, 2011 The purpose of this competition for students of architecture is to provide ideas for creating a [... more]

Competition Archive 2010

IItaly: International Sustainable Architecture Prize 8th Edition Student subscriptions by 31st Dec 2010 The Ferrara Faculty of Architecture, Italy, during these years has been involved in international seminars, courses and [... more]

Competition Archive 2009

Italy: International Prize for Sustainable Architecture 2010Applications by by 31st December 2009Ferrara Faculty of Architecture is involved in international seminars, courses and activities concerning [... more]

Competition Archive 2008

UK: Avenue Campus CompetitionClosing date for first stage submissions is 17 December 2008.The University of Northampton is running a design competition for architects to [... more]

Competition Archive 2007

Italy: The Prize “Sustainable Architecture” Fassa Bortolo Applications by by 31st December 2007. The Prize “Sustainable Architecture”, founded and [... more]

Competition Archive 2006

USA: Building A Sustainable World: Life in the Balance. The Royal Institute of British Architects-USA (The RIBA-USA) has initiated an International Competition “” [... more]

Competition Archive 2005

Italy: Living Box is now accepting submissions for its Living Box competition. Entrants should develop a design for a prefabricated living unit that [... more]

Competition Archive 2004

USA: Architectural Design Contest for Susquehanna Gateway Project -Historic Owego Marketplace Inc have purchased two adjoining, vacant, burned-out properties in the central part of [... more]

Competition Archive 2003

Please note -web links may have expired.   Villa urbaine – international open student contest. The town [... more]

Competition Archive 2002

Villa urbaine – international open student contest. The town of Lambersart in the Lille conurbation has decided to organize an [... more]

Competition Archive 2001

Coram is launching the Coram Design Award focusing on two subjects. The first, “Bathing in Light”, challenges participants to come up with new products to light and create an [... more]