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London Architecture and Design
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International Gastronomic Center

International Student Competition
Registration: until May 24, 2013)

It was the Ancient Greeks who laid the foundation for gastronomy as a science by creating the earliest collections of recipes and also by developing a gastronomic culture that later spread throughout the Mediterranean, becoming the basis for today’s Western cuisine.

The objective of the current International Gastronomic Center competition for architecture students is the creation of a space for cultural exchange through gastronomy.

In this spirit, the International Gastronomic Center (IGC) will be a space for chefs from all around the world to exchange knowledge and share their experience in order to promote gastronomic research and for their own personal and professional enrichment.

Coming to the IGC will be an intense personal and professional experience for the chefs, because during their four-month stay they will have the opportunity to live in the centre itself and become part of a genuine idea factory that includes spaces dedicated to gastronomic training and research, as well as others promoting creativity, which will facilitate the free exchange of knowledge and encourage experimentation.

In addition, because another objective of the IGC is to provide a great deal of gastronomic activity to the city, it is essential to maintain good relations with it by providing spaces open to the public, courses and conferences and numerous activities that will completely integrate it into the city’s life.

The following prizes will be awarded to proposals that best meet the purpose of the competition:

1st prize
3.750 euros + Publication in On Diseño magazine (digital and paper edition) + Publication in Future Arquitecturas magazine (digital and paper edition) + Publication in Yorokobu magazine (digital and paper edition) + Publication in Metalocus magazine (digital edition) + Free subscription to On Diseño magazine (5 issues, paper edition) + Free subscription to Future Arquitecturas magazine (4 issues, paper edition) + Free subscription to Yorokobu magazine (11 issues, paper edition).

The winner or person that represents the winner team will take part of the Jury in the next academic competition.

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