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Discount architecture books from Amazon

google sketchup
Wiley Pathways Introduction to Google SketchUp (Wiley Pathways) Aidan Chopra and Laura Town Paperback Buy this book in $ Buy this book in £

London Architecture and Design
Hardcover by daab
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G. V. Krishnan, James E. Taylor, Keith Harrell
OnWord Press; Book andCD-ROM edition
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Metric Handbook Planning & Design Data
David Adler (Editor)
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International Architecture Competition 2015 of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation

Launch of the International Architecture Competition 2015 of the  Jacques Rougerie Foundation

Space and Sea Generation – Institut de France :

  • “Innovation and Architecture for the Sea”
  • “Innovation and Architecture for Space”
  • “Architecture & Sea Level Rise”

 Like Jules Verne, Gustave Eiffel, Arthur C. Clarke, Jacques Piccard, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Jacques Rougerie… you wish to put your passion and your talent as a designer, architect, engineer, builder into the evolution of our society for a better relationship between man and his planet.

You are passionate about these two worlds that are the ocean and space and you want to contribute to their sustainable integration within the development of our society in order for men to be aware of the need for a greater assimilation of those evolution wise fundamental universes.

Encourage, stimulate and reward your inventiveness, your creativity, your audacity, this is the Jacques Rougerie Foundation ,Sea and Space Generation – Institut de France award’s ambition,

Registration online

June 2, 2015 : closing of registrations

September 29, 2015 : deadline for projects’ submissions

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