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Wiley Pathways Introduction to Google SketchUp (Wiley Pathways) Aidan Chopra and Laura Town Paperback Buy this book in $ Buy this book in £

London Architecture and Design
Hardcover by daab
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G. V. Krishnan, James E. Taylor, Keith Harrell
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Metric Handbook Planning & Design Data
David Adler (Editor)
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Space Grand Prize 2013

Encounters and Dialogues between Architects and Artists
Registration by 7th Sep. 2013

SPACE announces opening of 2013 the 31st Space Prize for International Students of Architectural Design (Space Grand Prize 2013).

Space Prize for International Students of Architectural Design meets its 31st year since its establishment in 1983, with the purpose of inspiring creative desires and opening up an arena for meaningful exchange between students of architecture. The Space Prize has been renowned for awarding outstanding students who have become prominent architects in the Korean architecture scene today.

This 2013, the Space Prize for International Students of Architectural Design will merge with the Space Prize for International Students of Interior Design, pioneering the field of spatial art and moving beyond the formal limitations of architecture. Within a new thematic awareness and form, we declare the conversion of architecture, interior architecture, design and the arts and other related fields.

The judging panel for the new version of the Space Prize for International Students of Architectural Design in this new venture will be the installation artist, Do Ho Suh and the architect, Eulho Suh.

They proposed the theme for this year as, ‘Encounters and Dialogues between Architects and Artists.’ This can be seen as a natural reflection of the fact that these two members making up the judging committee are respectively an artist and an architect, with the added unique circumstance of the two members being brothers.

“The embodied encounter of two parties can produce architecture that embraces artwork. Let’s design a space for artists, particular works, collections, or collectors that you usually have been interested in, regardless of the fields, such as an artist, philosopher, novelist, and musician. This requires a deep understanding and conversation with them or their works. Its result can be a memorial hall, museum or the spatial conditions for the artist. We expect the idea would be expressed not only by architectural space but also by various other figurative types such as landscape (garden, park, plaza etc) and visual arts (furniture, product design).
Creating a real work as the result of research on human, philosophy, literary, fine arts, music. We expect to meet new world of works created by immeasurably intersecting encounters and the chance for deep dialogue in the Space Prize for International Students of Architectural Design.”

Space Grand Prize 2013 will have an open presentation for final round adjudication and awards ceremony on 13 Nov. 2013. The finalists will be on exhibition during 13 – 20 Nov. 2013.


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