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google sketchup
Wiley Pathways Introduction to Google SketchUp (Wiley Pathways) Aidan Chopra and Laura Town Paperback Buy this book in $ Buy this book in £

London Architecture and Design
Hardcover by daab
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G. V. Krishnan, James E. Taylor, Keith Harrell
OnWord Press; Book andCD-ROM edition
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Metric Handbook Planning & Design Data
David Adler (Editor)
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Velocity Bike Design Contest

Velocity by FIM LAM – Foldable bike design contest

FIM LAM and Desall are reinventing the bike with the new Velocity contest, looking for a ultralight, foldable, portable and with a very captivating design.

Increased commuting needs, growing traffic along with high fuel prices and environmental concerns, call for new solutions to the mobility needs of a raising number of people throughout the world.
“…I wish I could just drive my bike from the parking place to the metro, get on the metro then get out and drive my bike to office. It would save me time and money. I would pay serious money for this, … but there is no real bike that folds. There are only some ugly and small foldable bikes…” Actual statement from metro passenger in Munich 2013.

FIM LAM is calling all creative minds of Desall to develop an innovative bicycle for city commuters and travelers of the world to move with ease and comfort. The newly designed bike shall be ultralight,
foldable, “draggable” and portable.

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Submissions by 27th April 2015

1st Best bike: €3000 + royalties contract
2nd Best wheel: €1000
Participation is free of charge and open to all creative people (at least 18 years old).

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