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Waterfront Competition Libreville

International competition for the development of an urban design and landscape enhancement along the Waterfront of Libreville (capital city of Gabon).
The deadline for the registration : August 1st 2013
The deadline for the submissions: August 14th 2013

The Ministry of Investment Promotion, Public Works, Transport, Housing and Tourism, responsible for Planning as Client and the l’Agence Nationale des Grands Travaux (ANGT) as Client’s Representative intend to launch a contest of ideas within the framework of the implementation of a plan for the urban and landscape planning the Libreville seaside.
The competition consists of two Lots:
• Lot 1: Landscape and Urban Planning for the seafront in Libreville
• Lot 2: Development of the Maritime Front Triumphal field.

The results of this competition should lead to the development and to the achievement of exemplary public spaces. Its aim is to create a waterfront more attractive, safer, cleaner and greener for residents and visitors. The expected improvement of the public realm is that it will improve the image of the city while providing a better environment in which to live, work and play. The subsequent effects must be those of an iconic development with robust economic and social benefits.
The general objectives of the competition are:
 Significantly improve the quality of the City’s coastline and adjacent public spaces,
 Redress the balance of priority towards pedestrians and cyclists rather than vehicles,
 Create a more attractive, safer and cleaner city with high quality public spaces as well as a cohesive, uncluttered and attractive street scene,
 Ensure that the public environment is understood as an integral, historic element of the City,
 Ensure that any alteration to the public environment takes into consideration its physical, historical and cultural significance,
 Build upon and improve the existing infrastructure / layout of roads and public spaces, which are inherent within the City’s layout,
 Complement and enhance the quality of the City’s natural environment,
 Enhance local distinctiveness, sense of place and improve the image of the city,
 Reduce visual clutter,
 Establish a coherent framework for the creation of an iconic coastline corniche and related signature public spaces,
 Propose a coordinated design with a cohesive palette of materials and urban furniture that reflect the varied functions of the different parts of the City,
 Identify and benefit from the coastline’s different activity zones, their connections, gateways, arrival points and key landmarks,
 Improve the connection between the Bord de Mer and the rest of the city in terms of pedestrian and cycling pathways,
 Improve the pedestrian connections between the north and south of the city by non-motorized

Entries will only be made through the following website: : and require the signing of a confidentiality agreement. Following the confirmation of registration, an email containing a username and password to access the website will be sent to the candidate. The presentation and the regulation of competition and schedules will be downloadable through the candidate space.

Details of the application are available on the contest website: :, in Section 6.11 of the terms and conditions of the competition. For Phase 1 of the competition, the file must contain in addition to the administrative record, a technical and a financial proposal with concepts following the full terms of the competition which are available on the contest website.
NB: Records must for language French and English.

Qualification criteria is specified in Section 6.14 of the terms and conditions of the competition. A jury evaluation of the candidate concepts will be made at the end of Phase 1 of the competition where the jury will strictly adhere to candidate anonymity. The top 5 ranking proposals will be selected for each Lot to advance to Phase 2 of the competition, subject to the validity of the candidate’s administrative record.

The candidates’ electronic copies must be submitted on the website (in the candidate space) according to the terms and conditions of the competition. For additional information see
The candidates’ physical documents must be submitted by August 14, 2013 at 10 am (UTC +1):
Secrétariat du Concours du Bord de Mer
Agence Nationale des Grands Travaux (ANGT) – BP : 23765 Libreville,
1er étage de l’Immeuble du bord de mer (À côté de l’ancien Gouvernorat)
The outer envelope must be addressed with the following:
“Contest n°13TLT02-002
Aménagement Urbain et Paysager du Bord de Mer ”

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