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Framework Services Northern Ireland

Time limit for receipt of requests for documents or for accessing documents: 20.9.2012 – 17:00
Northern Ireland Housing Executive: Tender for the provision of a Multi Discipline Professional Services Framework 2012.
Service category No 12: Architectural services; engineering services and integrated engineering services; urban planning and landscape engineering services; related scientific and technical consulting services; technical testing and analysis services

The Contracting Authority intends to establish a framework agreement for all of Northern Ireland which will set out the headline terms under which a minimum of 5 and up to a maximum of 9 economic operators will be appointed according to their tender scores (as more particularly described in the tender documentation). Framework members will have the opportunity to tender for all of the work required in each of the geographic areas specified in the tender documentation in accordance with the terms set out therein and professional services contracts will be awarded for delivery of the services in those geographic areas in accordance with the terms of the tender documents and framework agreement.
The services required under the framework agreement consist of multi discipline construction related professional services substantially in relation to the following types of planned maintenance and improvement schemes (which will mainly be carried out to the dwellings and property of the Housing Executive but such work may on occasions include work to offices, private dwellings and private property).
External Cyclical Maintenance.
Replacement Kitchens & Bathrooms.
Single Element Maintenance or Improvement Schemes (Including Kitchen Extensions.).
During the term of the framework agreement, services may also be required in relation to other domestic scale work required by the Contracting Authority, including,without limitation, in relation to the following schemes:
Multi-Element Improvement Schemes.
Environmental Improvement Schemes.
Adaptations for people with disabilities Schemes.
Tenderers should note that the Contracting Authority does not commit to calling off any services in relation to the Schemes identified.
The Schemes specified above will usually relate to occupied dwellings and in some cases to dwellings occupied by persons with disabilities and special needs.
The Services must be led by an Architect/Building Surveyor who will be the single point of contact between the Consultant and the Contracting Authority.
The Architect/Building Surveyor leading the services shall be the lead consultant and shall be solely responsible for management of and delivery by all ‘Key Sub-Consultants’ (i.e. those who fulfill the Professional Discipline roles specified below). Tenderers should note however that whilst the Architect/Building Surveyor identified will have the role specified above, the Architect/Building Surveyor does not necessarily have to be the contracting party to the framework agreement.
Together, the Lead Consultant and the other Key Sub–Consultants shall comprise the Consultant.
The Consultant being the contracting party to the framework agreement is to consist of the following professional disciplines:
Architect or Building Surveyor (as lead consultant).
Quantity Surveyor.
Mechanical Engineer and Electrical Engineer (Building Services Engineer).
Civil Engineer and Structural Engineer.
Landscape Architect.
CDM Coordinator.
The Consultant, will be required to provide directly, services relating to planning, design, costing, procurement, CDM health and safety design and management co-ordination and contract administration/project management.

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