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Moscow River Competition

International competition for the urban development concept of the Moscow River’s adjacent territory

Applications for participation in the competition will be open to September 12, through the official website of the competition.

The competition is organized by the Project Institute of Master Plan of Moscow at the commission of Committee for Architecture of Moscow. The urgency of definition a unified concept of the urban development of areas adjacent to the Moscow River, stems from the essential role of the river in the development of Moscow city. Complex reconstruction of the Moscow River’s embankment was carried out in the beginning of the 20th century, according to a new master plan of Moscow from 1935. Since then, extensive renovation of the areas adjacent to the river haven’t been realized.

The influence of the river within city boundaries is about 20% percent of the area. The Moscow River is an important urban element surrounded by residential areas, public spaces and recreational areas that require further development and improvement to meet new requirements of comfort, transport accessibility and creation of living environment.

The Project Institute of Master Plan of Moscow has investigated the adjacent territories of the Moscow River and performed to collect baseline data for the formation of technical assignment of the competition. According to the results, the length of the shoreline (in summary of the both banks) of the Moscow River within city boundaries is 201 km, and the total area of potential development zone reaches 10,400 hectares. Territorial and infrastructural resources of the river are up to 10% of the area of the city within the old borders and still are largely unused. Currently out of 201 km of embankments for pedestrians and cyclists to settle 33.4 km, and the length of transport embankments of 47.5 km. The remaining embankments have no access or are not formed.

Unified space-planning concept for the river and the surrounding areas will give an opportunity to put in whole system all the developed and adopted for the implementation of large-scale urban projects, including Moscow-City, Gorky Park and Sparrow Hills, Zaryadye Park, ZIL, and Nagatinskaya bottom-land. Data of these areas will be transferred to the contestants for inclusion in the work. These solutions should be integrated into the overall design of embankments and interact in a single unseparated system of spaces. The contestants are expected to offer projects for the organization of space for undeveloped embankments and riverine areas.

The contestants will define shared vision and principles of working with the territory for all areas adjacent to the Moscow River. Project Institute of Master Plan of Moscow will provide competitors an information about restrictions for reorganization, as well as materials already approved planning decisions. For certain areas will need to provide more elaborate proposals, including modernization of industrial zones, the development of multi-functional areas, as well as program development landscaped recreational area. Specific sites will be announced to the completion of the first stage of the competition on February 19, 2014, when the 6 finalists will be announced, which will determine the competent international jury.

Type of the contest – international, two-stage.

Stage 1 – qualifying.

Result: selecting 6 teams who will take part in the stage 2.

Stage 2 – concept contest.

Result: determination of the winner and ranking.

Each of the 6 teams paid a reward of $111 000 with VAT as a compensation for the development of a concept. The winner will gain $167 000 more as a fee of the contract.

To get full information about the competitions, please go to the website of the project:

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